Our Good Karma Sangha Is Expanding!

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This morning I was at El Sol (http://friendsofelsol.org), Jupiter's Neighborhood Resource Center, to meet with a team of women who will be helping assemble Karma Calendar in the coming months.

In 2012 I invented Karma Calendar. Karma Calendar is a 27-day advent calendar for good karma. Everyday you open a small door, where there is a bead and a task for good karma - volunteer to help someone, give something away, etc. You do the deed, everyday, and then you string the bead on the string that's included, everyday. At the end of 27 days, you have a new habit to do a good deed every day, and a wrist mala, or bracelet, to remind you of all the good deeds you’ve already done!

For the past 5 years I have been making Karma Calendar, with the help of my father, in my home office. I sell Karma Calendar to about 95 retail stores coast to coast, including many local stores and yoga studios, and also in Canada and the Bahamas. I alost sell here online, and also on Etsy.

Recently I have also begun selling Karma Calendar on Amazon! On Amazon, things can explode really quickly. This is great!!! But can also be a challenge if the company is not setup to handle the new influx of orders. So what I am trying to do now is make sure I have the right people and support in place so that as Karma Calendar sales increase, I can meet the demand.

I already print and die cut all of Karma Calendar and the Good Karma Sangha's collateral locally in Miami. My intention has always been to keep manufacturing and production local, to support and stimulate the local economy. I believe we can make good products at a fair price right here at home. 

My meeting at El Sol was a big success, and I have a new team of 4 women who will be helping me to scale the process of assembly of the Karma Calendars in the coming weeks. They are all local residents of Jupiter/Tequesta, and seem excited to be part of this adventure. 

If you would like to be part of the Good Karma Sangha, contact us anytime at ThePath@KarmaCalendar.com. You can always purchase Karma Calendars and other Good Karma Sangha products right here at www.GoodKarmaSangha.com

El Sol is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the quality of life of all the residents of Northern Palm Beach County by providing services to those in need, especially day laborers and their families. Karma Calendar is proud to be working with this organization and its members to facilitate growth in the local economy. 💚


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Resa Listort at El Sol, describing Karma Calendar to workers

Karma Calendar beads at El Sol

Karma Calendar tray, Resa Listort at El Sol









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Mindful Gift Giving from the Heart (Chakra)

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Samsara has brought us back to “the holidays” . . .

. . . the season that seems to come before Halloween and last well past Valentine's Day, the holidays are upon us. Karma Calendar is a perfect antidote to the empty consumerist gifts and meaningless tchotchkes, instead bringing both the giver and receiver a sense of contemplation, action, and good karma. Shop today at www.goodkarmasangha.com and read more below about upcoming local events, gemstones, mala making, and Lion's Roar Annual Auction for GOOD!!



Lion’s Roar Annual Auction 

This year we are thrilled to be featured in Lion’s Roar (Shambhala Sun’s) Ninth Annual Holiday Auction!

As usual, all proceeds from this auction go to supporting the Lion’s Roar’s Foundation's ongoing work of spreading the dharma: both Buddhadharma: the Practitioner's Quarterly and www.lionsroar.com are examples of the types of initiatives the Lion's Roar Foundation uses fund raising monies to support.

“The 2016 auction catalog is as rich and varied and full as people have come to expect, and ends November 27. Don't wait- View it online now.


Mala Making for the Holidays & Beyond!

The Good Karma Sangha is also in the Mala Making Party business! What’s better than buying local for the holidays? MAKING something beautiful with your own two hands! During these 2-hour workshops, we focus on the history of malas and their use, mantras and meditation practices, and the spiritual meaning of gemstones, including chakra discussion. The $45 fee includes all materials for making one uniquely customized traditional 108-bead mala, and light refreshments like herbal tea and biscuits.

Our first successful event was at Zeal Yoga in Abacoa last Saturday and it was well-attended and well-received! We have many more dates penciled in for the new year, from Palm Beach to Stuart and at all times (nights, weekdays and weekends) so everyone is sure to be able to participate. We also offer home-based parties, where you and 5-7 of your friends can get together to make malas for a birthday, shower, or bachelorette party! It’s a beautiful bonding experience that creates a one of a kind keepsake for all these special life moments. So if you’re not into chippendales or diapers, or just want a more meaningful experience with your friends, call us to set up your own Mala Making Party!
 305-308-2006 Karma Calendar & the Good Karma Sangha


'Tis the Season for Holiday Markets!

Karma Calendar & the Good Karma Sangha are staying busy and reaching out in local communities to be part of many holiday markets. We feel local markets are a great way to exchange ideas, love, and energy with our community and support smaller businesses and local artisans. We also appreciate being honored as a locally handmade, mindful gift product, owned by a woman and contributing 5% of profits to charity (Choki Traditional Art School) every year. Below are some of the events where we will have a booth. You can always email us at ThePath@KarmaCalendar.com for more information on local events or anything else.

 Resa at The Abacoa Market   Resa at The Abacoa Market   Thank You Notes at The Abacoa Market
Abacoa Market Night
Every Thursday evening, (except Thanksgiving) 4-8 pm
Abaca Town Center, Main St, Abacoa, FL 33458

Holiday Shopping at Zeal Yoga
Friday, December 9 at 7 pm
Zeal Yoga
108 Main St, Ste 108
Abacoa, FL 33458

Be the Change Market
Saturday, December 10, 3-7 pm
Bindu Yoga Studio
5808 S Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Mermaid Trunk Show
Monday, December 12, from 1-4 pm
Sushi Jo
14261 US 1
Juno Beach, FL 33408


November/December, and Virgo/Capricorn Birthstones

Scorpio Oct. 24 – Nov. 22
Beryl (alternates: Aquamarine, Pearl, Citrine, Topaz)

Sagittarius Nov. 23 – Dec. 21
Topaz (alternates: Turquoise, Lapis, Onyx)

Capricorn Dec. 22 – Jan. 20
Ruby (alternates: Garnet, Emerald, Amethyst)

November:   Topaz, Citrine

December:   Tanéantie, Turquoise

All Karma Calendars include a genuine gemstone to act as a button closure and come with one of the following: Amethyst (Dhyana for Transcendental Meditation), Citrine (Virya for Transcendental Energy) and Aquamarine (Dana for Transcendental Generosity) all of which are alternate gemstones for November and December babies. Of course, Carnelian (Sila for Transcendental Virtue and Freedom from Causing Harm) is also available, and a gemstone for all the Virgos out there (Aug. 24 – Sep. 22). Contact us to learn more about our gemstones and the Pāramitās we identify with (ThePath@KarmaCalendar.com).



We hope this newsletter has found you and yours in a state of love and appreciation. Here at Karma Calendar & the Good Karma Sangha we are always aiming to bring lightness, meaning, and a bit of humor to all of our rendezvous. Contact us to play at 305-308-2006 or ThePath@KarmaCalendar.com

Happy Everything Holiday!
Resa Listort & the Good Karma Sangha


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Spring #KarmaCleanse

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March's Birthstone: AQUAMARINE

March signals the revolution of spring . . . 'in like a lion, out like a lamb'. . . A lamb that brings the spring equinox on March 20. Begin your annual #KarmaCleanse with Dana Karma Calendar in Aquamarine. By mid-April your karma will be fresh and clean and ready to bloom with spring madness!

Dana Karma Calendar

Each Karma Calendar uses the inspiration of its guru gemstone to represent one of the six paramitas. The Dana Karma Calendar with an aquamarine guru bead is representative of the paramita transcendental generosity.

Prepare a #KarmaCleanse for spring! 

The northern hemisphere vernal equinox marks the sun moving across the celestial equator from south to north. In our culture, we take this early sign of spring as a chance to clean up our space, material and spiritual. We wash down our homes and cars and closets, and we take stock of the layers we've accumulated over the winter, both literal and figurative. For many, spring is the perfect time to reassess habits we've picked up in spite of our best (New Year's) intentions. 

Experts generally agree, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Often it is practically impossible to break a "bad" habit, unless we replace it with a new "good" one. This is how Karma Calendar works: daily tasks focused on Good Karma generates measurable results over time. Most of us fall short of our resolutions not because we cannot accomplish them once, but because we fail to accomplish them consistently.

By completing a Karma Calendar journey over the course of 27 days, we find the inspiration and confidence to maintain our new daily practice. And those times when we find ourselves falling short, with the proper inspiration we will always #BeginAgain. This is the practice. This is life.

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Divine timing: Maitri Karma Calendar and Spiritual Relationship

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This will change every relationship in your life, including the primary one you have with your self.

With the Gregorian New Year having just passed, and Losar and Spring Solstice coming up (not to mention Saint Valentine's Day), many people find this time of year particularly apropos to reflect on relationship. With the release of the new Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners, practitioners can gain a better understanding of how karmas affect relationships, and how relationships reflect karmas – all told through simple daily tasks and the Noble Eightfold Path.


Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners

A 27-day task calendar full of all new tasks, and comes with two lanyards, two beads behind every door, and makes two full wrist malas. Now available at www.GoodKarmaSangha.com


Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners


I am writing this having just watched Marianne Williamson's video The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships on Oprah's SuperSoulTV.

Marianne Williamson The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships

In this video, Marianne Williamson reiterates much of what we're learning here in our Good Karma Sangha and goes ahead to inspire the next level of discussion, a perfect complement to our journey. She says most succinctly, "Relationship is the primal state of being," to which of course we all agree. There is no evolution without interaction, and science has proven time and again that we are hard-wired for change.

If you can watch Marianne's video, it is a half hour well spent. Marianne speaks about the journey to our Right Relationship being Actualization (being the best you you can be), Collaboration (relationship), and Service (for the greatest good).


The Original Karma Calendars

This is so interesting because our Good Karma Sangha has fully embraced the Original Karma Calendar, (available in a choice of four gemstone and palmwood malas) whose purpose was to bring about a conscious turn to "Actualization." Now with the Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners, (available in labradorite and moonstone palmwood malas) we move our focus to "Collaboration!"

This theory, that relationship is divine's way of elevating us towards our highest potential is not new, but Marianne brings it home when she compares the vast majority of our current relationships to a cancerous dis-ease in its single-mindedness. What we are lacking is the collaborative love with the intentionality of the universe.

I feel so excited to share this new Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners with our Good Karma Sangha. Relationship evolves our natural state and we need a refresher course on the interpersonal empathy and compassion that is required in order to be open to it.

Karma Calendar is that refresher. #BeginAgain.

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I make Karma Calendar.

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Hello, my name is Resa.

I am the person who makes every Karma Calendar, and every Good Karma Mala. I am also the person who does all the back-end busy work, like shipping out to our customers and ordering supplies and making deliveries to our local stores and (trying to) keep track of the books. 

I'm sort of like a cat. I've had (more than) nine lives. Each one interesting and loving and fun; and sad and difficult and tremendously passionate. 

Although each of my lives has been different, they have all had these things in common – I live to feel, I make things for people I love, and I love to learn. So I begin again. ... Fall down seven times, get up eight. 

Ten years ago my life restarted again. From the ashes came a new love. And that love was Karma Calendar. 

As a tangible way for me to generate better feelings, I began setting small goals, and accomplishing these goals daily. This became the fodder for the daily tasks. These days I approach the daily tasks of running a small business with the same gratitude as I do for those simple tasks that saved my life ten years ago.

I am lucky to work with my father. He is literally my right hand man. Because of spontaneous tendon ruptures (not terribly uncommon in chronic rheumatoid arthritis patients) and multiple surgeries, my hands hurt most days and don't work so well anymore. My dad helps make Karma Calendar and our Good Karma Malas because there are many days when I can't. He offers his hands to me, and gives his heart to this project. I am at a loss on how to ever repay him. But I try everyday, beginning with "Thank you."

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.
~Meister Eckhart

I just wanted to introduce myself. I hope this holiday season and all year long, you find small ways to move forward everyday, if only to set your compass.

If we are facing in the right direction all we have to do is keep on walking.
~Joseph Goldstein. The Experience of Insight, 1976.

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Karma is the vibration of the universe.

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Rest in natural great peace this exhausted mind,
Beaten helpless by karma and neurotic thoughts
Like the relentless fury of the pounding waves
In the infinite ocean of samsara.
Rest in natural great peace.

~  Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

Karma is a predictable pattern over time; a vibration; a sine curve that evolves into co-sine and back to sine... Its trajectory may evolve over lifetimes; over one lifetime into its one death; instantaneously, or by the end of time. Think of Karma as a universal ledger keeping the balance of energy. There is not a binary dichotomy of only "good" or "bad," but there is this unified wave of balanced energy, i.e. Karma.

The idea that the balance of Karma is a driving force (or gentle usher) in life is almost universal. Most religions have a causal belief system: The quality of one's past actions affects the quality of one's future experience. 

Since Karma is generated and liquidated with every action we take, our lives are a process of karmic collaboration, whether we know it or not. Often, the natural process of Karma is convoluted by the story we tell ourselves, dramatized by our roles, or misinterpreted by our conditioning. These obstacles in our understanding cause a skewing of our natural path, our paths of least resistance. But this doesn't have to be the case. With a little Grace, we can see more clearly who we are beneath these stories and roles, and act from that space of divinity. While acting from a place of Love (the ultimate divinity), we burn up past Karmas and create no new ones.

Finding Grace is not always easy, and often once found, can slip from our intentions in a heartbeat. Some of us are so deep into our conditioning that divinity is difficult to believe in at all, and impossible to feel within our own self. The good news is there are ways to inspire and increase the connection to this Grace, this Divine, and with practice, comes great results. 

Some ways to nurture a connection with Divine Grace are meditation, yoga, being outside in nature, and being in a state of gratitude. Actually, anything can be a practice of divine connection, as long as one is being mindful while doing it. But no one action performed one time will bridge the gap. You must PRACTICE, and regularly, in order to nurture Divine Grace. 

When I imagined Karma Calendar, my mission was to tip the scales of Karma in my favor, with small actions, done with a clear heart, every day. This simple practice began to work for me, and my life became easier, happier, and more peaceful. Now my mission is to share this experience. My hope is that people can find some divine light of their own by using Karma Calendar to inspire a daily practice. My hope is that Karma Calendar might bring relief.

Remember, Grace supersedes Karma. Breathe deeply and refresh yourself. Begin again, from a place of newness. Karma On. 


*waves photo bClem Onojeghuo 

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Karma Calendar: An easy "What is it?" and "How do you do?"

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Karma Calendar creates daily task calendars with authentic malas to inspire the soul in 27 days. 

  • Everyday open a door and set an intention or review a task good for your Karma.
  • Everyday fulfill that intention or task and string a bead on your lanyard. 
  • In less than a month you will have made your wrist Mala, a traditional Buddhist meditation bracelet, infused with the love and gratitude of your actions. 

KARMA is the vibration of the universe. Generate a higher vibration by cultivating good deeds every day! 

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