Divine timing: Maitri Karma Calendar and Spiritual Relationship

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This will change every relationship in your life, including the primary one you have with your self.

With the Gregorian New Year having just passed, and Losar and Spring Solstice coming up (not to mention Saint Valentine's Day), many people find this time of year particularly apropos to reflect on relationship. With the release of the new Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners, practitioners can gain a better understanding of how karmas affect relationships, and how relationships reflect karmas – all told through simple daily tasks and the Noble Eightfold Path.


Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners

A 27-day task calendar full of all new tasks, and comes with two lanyards, two beads behind every door, and makes two full wrist malas. Now available at www.GoodKarmaSangha.com


Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners


I am writing this having just watched Marianne Williamson's video The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships on Oprah's SuperSoulTV.

Marianne Williamson The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships

In this video, Marianne Williamson reiterates much of what we're learning here in our Good Karma Sangha and goes ahead to inspire the next level of discussion, a perfect complement to our journey. She says most succinctly, "Relationship is the primal state of being," to which of course we all agree. There is no evolution without interaction, and science has proven time and again that we are hard-wired for change.

If you can watch Marianne's video, it is a half hour well spent. Marianne speaks about the journey to our Right Relationship being Actualization (being the best you you can be), Collaboration (relationship), and Service (for the greatest good).


The Original Karma Calendars

This is so interesting because our Good Karma Sangha has fully embraced the Original Karma Calendar, (available in a choice of four gemstone and palmwood malas) whose purpose was to bring about a conscious turn to "Actualization." Now with the Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners, (available in labradorite and moonstone palmwood malas) we move our focus to "Collaboration!"

This theory, that relationship is divine's way of elevating us towards our highest potential is not new, but Marianne brings it home when she compares the vast majority of our current relationships to a cancerous dis-ease in its single-mindedness. What we are lacking is the collaborative love with the intentionality of the universe.

I feel so excited to share this new Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners with our Good Karma Sangha. Relationship evolves our natural state and we need a refresher course on the interpersonal empathy and compassion that is required in order to be open to it.

Karma Calendar is that refresher. #BeginAgain.

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