Our Good Karma Sangha Is Expanding!

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This morning I was at El Sol (http://friendsofelsol.org), Jupiter's Neighborhood Resource Center, to meet with a team of women who will be helping assemble Karma Calendar in the coming months.

In 2012 I invented Karma Calendar. Karma Calendar is a 27-day advent calendar for good karma. Everyday you open a small door, where there is a bead and a task for good karma - volunteer to help someone, give something away, etc. You do the deed, everyday, and then you string the bead on the string that's included, everyday. At the end of 27 days, you have a new habit to do a good deed every day, and a wrist mala, or bracelet, to remind you of all the good deeds you’ve already done!

For the past 5 years I have been making Karma Calendar, with the help of my father, in my home office. I sell Karma Calendar to about 95 retail stores coast to coast, including many local stores and yoga studios, and also in Canada and the Bahamas. I alost sell here online, and also on Etsy.

Recently I have also begun selling Karma Calendar on Amazon! On Amazon, things can explode really quickly. This is great!!! But can also be a challenge if the company is not setup to handle the new influx of orders. So what I am trying to do now is make sure I have the right people and support in place so that as Karma Calendar sales increase, I can meet the demand.

I already print and die cut all of Karma Calendar and the Good Karma Sangha's collateral locally in Miami. My intention has always been to keep manufacturing and production local, to support and stimulate the local economy. I believe we can make good products at a fair price right here at home. 

My meeting at El Sol was a big success, and I have a new team of 4 women who will be helping me to scale the process of assembly of the Karma Calendars in the coming weeks. They are all local residents of Jupiter/Tequesta, and seem excited to be part of this adventure. 

If you would like to be part of the Good Karma Sangha, contact us anytime at ThePath@KarmaCalendar.com. You can always purchase Karma Calendars and other Good Karma Sangha products right here at www.GoodKarmaSangha.com

El Sol is a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the quality of life of all the residents of Northern Palm Beach County by providing services to those in need, especially day laborers and their families. Karma Calendar is proud to be working with this organization and its members to facilitate growth in the local economy. 💚


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Resa Listort at El Sol, describing Karma Calendar to workers

Karma Calendar beads at El Sol

Karma Calendar tray, Resa Listort at El Sol









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