How it all began...

Here I am at a local art fair, sharing Good Karma with the masses.
This is me the day I broke the tendons in my right hand – I was on a camping trip in the North Carolina mountains! I just bandaged up my hand and kept hiking.
This is right after my second hand surgery in 2 months. At this point I was still running Karma Calendar but from bed.
The original Karma Calendars were made in my garage - the tray inside was made from dado'd balsawood sticks, courtesy of me and my dad!. My dad and I at another live event. He helps me with most everything, from heavy lifting to assembling Karma Calendars and malas, and spreading Good Karma. He is my hands. Love you dad!

Bringing Laughter and Levity to Healing

Remember, Grace supersedes Karma. We change our past by behaving differently today. Breathe deeply and refresh yourself. Begin again, from a place of newness.

My name is Resa Listort and I am the creator of Karma Calendar. I grew up in New Paltz, NY, in the Hudson Valley, and was diagnosed at age 11 with a degenerative disease - systemic rheumatoid arthritis. Most of my life has been in chronic physical pain, and yet? I can say today that it is because of those early hardships that I created a thriving business, and a life I love.

Since 1986, I’ve had 5 hip replacement surgeries, spontaneous tendon rupture and consequent reconstructive surgery on both hands, and most of my joints are compromised - my meat-covered skeleton is like that of an 80 yr old woman.

And so it was about 10 years ago I experienced a deep transformational despondency. I had gotten to a very dark place of disease and depression, I was tired and bored and hopeless. I did not believe anything could change; I was viscerally alone.

I remember sitting at home late one night, feeling defeated. I had a flash of a memory from grade school. A boy had carried my books for me one day when I was sick. He didn't do it to impress me, or anybody else, he was just being nice.

It was a small, simple gesture, maybe insignificant to him, but it had stayed with me some 20 years later. So with the help of Facebook, I found him online and wrote him a simple thank you note.

As soon as I hit send, I immediately felt --- something. And just even feeling something, feeling something besides pain, was completely new. With that newness, I began to feel better. By accessing that good-feeling memory, I had turned from dwindling in the dark shadows to facing the sun.

And now I know why- for the first time I was focusing on what had gone right instead of what had gone wrong. I was aligning with the solution, not the problem. I had stumbled upon a way to consciously and positively direct my own energy, instead of believing I was at the mercy of my physical body and the momentum of my negative thinking.

I had stumbled upon the Law of Attraction and Karma.

Everyday after that, I would try to do one small thing to cause a positive result, to benefit myself or someone else in a small but tangible way. I was beginning to understand momentum.

It became a daily ritual, and I shared my journey with other people I knew who felt stuck in sadness and desperation. They seemed to enjoy the redirection in purpose as well.

Doing “one good thing” became a distraction from the depression and loneliness I had been feeling for so long.

Eventually, it was a stroke of divine inspiration the day I combined these daily tasks with my childhood love of Advent Calendars, and Karma Calendar was born.

Karma Calendar is a daily task calendar that guides a practitioner towards cultivating Good Karma on a regular basis.

It comes with a lanyard, and everyday you open a door, do a task for good karma, thread a bead on your lanyard, and 27 days later you have a bracelet, or what is called a wrist mala, to celebrate the journey.

Before Karma Calendar could come to fruition, I had to make the connection that my thoughts were coming first, that the following emotions were indicating to me how helpful those thoughts were (which was not very helpful at all, for a long time), and that the outside world was responding to this energy I was transmitting.

From there, I needed to believe it was possible to change my thoughts and therefore, emotions, and eventually my reality. This is the journey my faith had to take.

I created Karma Calendar as a game really, a simple healing experience to remind me and other people searching: “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Confucius

My hope is that people can find some divine light of their own by using Karma Calendar to inspire a sustaining daily practice of mindfulness and learn how to consciously choose their vibration everyday. Karma Calendar is a playful approach to a universal epidemic:

We’ve forgotten that we are creators- not reactors.

Please join me and my Good Karma Sangha as we find ways to be hopeful and happy, no matter what the conditions may be. 

<3 Resa