Karma Calendar is a grateful patron of Choki Traditional Art School (CTAS), in Thimphu, Bhutan. This means we both buy and promote their art, as well as donate a portion of our calendar’s proceeds directly to the school. The children of CTAS hand-painted the traditional Buddhist artwork featured on the cover of the Original Karma Calendar, titled The Buddha of The Six Perfections.

CTAS was established in 1999 with the dual objectives of educating those children who could not continue their formal education due to both financial and social reasons and to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the unique cultural heritage of Bhutan. It is a private not-for-profit institute which supports the disadvantaged and under privileged youth of Bhutan through self-sustaining program on skills development in the traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan.

Sustaining the school is their greatest challenge. The internal fund generated by the school through its sale of artifacts produced by our students is inadequate to cover the expenditure of the school. The fund gap is being provided by Himalayan Youth Foundation (HYF) and individual donors through sponsorships.

We owe special thanks to Sonam Choki for her help on this project. Find more information about CTAS and HYF, please visit: and