Seva: Selfless Service

As the Good Karma Sangha, we are offering these beautiful, handmade malas to aid your spiritual practice. Each mala takes 60-90 minutes to make and is completed in an atmosphere of love and service. One third of the proceeds go to projects that help support and maintain Mother Earth. Resa Listort and Elaine Heroux have come together to form a collaboration between the Good Karma Sangha and Love Our Earth, which is an active team functioning as part of the American Haidakhan Samaj, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. In the past year they have raised enough money to purchase two teepees for the youth project Buffalo Nation Coming of Age, planted numerous trees in collaboration with the Temple of Peace in Denver, and adopted animals at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver. You can read more information about this work at American Haidakhan Samaj.  

Howlite and Tigerwood Mala Bayong and Dumortierite Mala Quartz and Rosewood Mala
Bayong and Howlite Mala Tigerwood and Copper Mala Howlite and Bayong Mala
Pressed Rose Petal and Rosewood Mala Howlite and Bayong Mala Rose Quartz and Tigerwood Mala