Amethyst & Old Palmwood Mala for Meditation (Dhyana)

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Wearing a mala is a loving reminder to practice mindful, compassionate, and skillful actions (upaya in our karmas); and to follow the practical suggestions of the Noble Eightfold Path.

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A traditional Buddhist mala, with 108 beads (old palmwood: made from the timber of coconut or date palm trees), and separated into 4 groups by silver-plated marker beads. This mala is finished with a silver-plated saucer, handmade cotton tassel, and decorated with a genuine TierraCast silver-plated Om charm and a genuine Amethyst on a silver-plated pinchbail.

This mala is strung on quality StretchMagic, and can be worn as a necklace or wrapped as a bracelet, or kept on your altar or Buddha statue for safe and honorable keeping in between meditations and practices. We use surgeon's knots and safety glue all ends.


Dhyāna (Jhāna in Pali): the Sanskrit word for the cultivation of Transcendental Meditation. Dhyāna means concentration, or samadhi (single-pointedness of mind), and is associated with Right Concentration, one aspect of the Noble Eightfold Path. The Dhyāna Mala with 108 beads and amethyst guru bead matches our Dhyāna Karma Calendar which includes the wrist mala made from 27 old palmwood beads and an amethyst guru bead. 


Gemstones are organic materials from the earth and carry energy which can have positive effects on the person wearing them. The beads and gemstones used in Karma Calendars are specifically and carefully chosen for greatest benefit, but may vary in their cut and color.


• A stone of spirituality and contentment, representative of the principles of complete metamorphosis. 

• Amethyst is often been associated with psychic abilities and is said to help the wearer gain clarity and spiritual focus.

• Natural stress reliever, encourages inner-strength, a stone of recovery.


Aquarius/Pisces, February




Third-Eye; connects physical plane with higher realms.

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