Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners

Inspire your days with tasks of Love & Gratitude together:

The Maitri Karma Calendar for Partners is a 27-day task calendar full of all new tasks, and comes with two lanyards, two beads behind every door, and makes two full wrist malas. Exploring this Maitri Karma Calendar with a partner will give practitioners a better understanding of how karmas effect relationships, and how relationships reflect karmas – all told through simple daily tasks and the Noble Eightfold Path. This will change every relationship in your life, including the primary one you have with your self.

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The Maitri Karma Calendars for Partners has two lanyards to make two malas. The moonstone and labradorite gemstones take their inspiration from another one of the ten paramitas (Maitrī). Paramitas are the perfection of particular values to purify karma and lead to enlightenment. Wearing a mala is a loving reminder to practice mindful, compassionate, and skillful actions (Upaya in our Karmas); and to follow the practical suggestions of the Noble Eightfold Path.

Maitrī Karma Calendar:

(Mettā in Pali): the Sanskrit word for the cultivation of Transcendental Loving Kindness. Maitrī is LOVE, without the suffering that arises from attachment. The Maitri Karma Calendar includes two wrist malas, one made with 27 new palmwood beads and a moonstone guru bead, and one made with 27 old palmwood beads and a labradorite guru bead.

Gemstone Qualities:

Gemstones are organic materials from the earth and carry energy which can have positive effects on the person wearing them. The beads and gemstones used in Karma Calendars are specifically and carefully chosen for greatest benefit, but may vary in their cut and color.


• The Stone of Magic and Temple of the Stars, enhances clairvoyance and prophecy, and clarifies destiny.
• Balances intellect and intuition.
• Protective against negative energies.

Astrological Signs:

Leo/Sagittarius, Scorpio

Vibrates to:

6 and 7

Primary Chakra:

Third Eye; enhances communication with higher self and pure positive energy.


• A stone of togetherness, reveals forgotten truths about the wearer.
• Often associated with their ability to change or alter in appearance.
• Enhances intuition and insight.
• Balances aggressive emotions.
• Connects us to divine inspiration and insight.

Astrological Signs:

Cancer, Libra, Scorpio

Vibrates to:


Primary Chakra:

Sacral; indulges feelings, emotions, pleasures, and intimacy.


On the cover:

The Four Harmonious Friends on the cover of our Maitri Karma Calendar is a replica of an original thangka hand-painted by a student at the Choki Traditional Art School (CTAS) in Bhutan. The Four Harmonious Friends is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist story of an elephant, monkey, hare and bird who were arguing about the ownership of a tree. The elephant arrived after the monkey had eaten all the fruit, and the hare had nibbled the leaves when the tree was a sapling. The bird had spit out the seed from which the tree grew, so they conceded the bird was eldest and the first at the tree, and the bird conceded to share. The elephant, monkey, hare and bird all lived together in harmony and helped each other enjoy the fruits of the tree. The Four Harmonious Friends represents cooperation, harmony, friendship and respect for elders.

Choki Traditional Art School:

We purchase these original artworks from Choki Traditional Art School, and also donate a portion of every sale to their school. The children of Choki Traditional Art School (CTAS) hand-paint these traditional Buddhist artworks as part of their training. The mission of CTAS is to provide university-level training in the traditional arts and crafts to disadvantaged youth of Bhutan, thereby creating an ongoing means of support for these children and their families. For more information about CTAS, click here, or go to their website

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